Molecular Diagnostics


Seegene's simultaneous and multiple detection technology for the simultaneous detection and quantification of multiple pathogens are unique and superior, have already surpassed the limits of conventional diagnostic techniques. Using this technology, one can simultaneously identify causative pathogens of various infectious diseases even in multiple infections, genetic variants and degree of infection, which are very useful for monitoring and management of patients' conditions


Simultaneous detection of multiple pathogens
High sensitivity in multiple infection
Quantification of each infected pathogens


MuDT™ Technology is the most powerful technology capable of simultaneous quantification and detection/discrimination of multiple targets in a single channel without additional melting curve analysis after amplification step. It satisfies the growing demands for both high multiplexing and quantification in a single assay by overcoming the current technology barrier of "One Channel, Only One Ct".


AllplexTM Kits


AnyplexTM Kits

  • STI Detection
  •     STI-7 Detection kit
  •     STI-5 Detection kit
  •     CT/NG real time Detection kit
  •     Respiratory Virus & Bact
  •     Serial Panel
  •     RV-16 Detection kit
  • STI Detection
  •     RB-5 Detection kit
  •     Flu A/B Typing Real time
  •     Detection kit
  • Others
  •     Thrombosis SNP Panel Assay kit
  •     MERS-CoV Real Time Detection kit


SeeplexTM Kits

  • STD 6 ACE Detection kit
  • RV 15 ACE Detection kit
  • RV 15 one step ACE Detection kit
  • HPV 4A ACE Detection kit
  • Diarrhea ACE Detection kit
  • PneumoBacter ACE Detection kit
  • Meningitis ACE Detection kit
  • MTB/NTM ACE Detection kit
  • APoE ACE Detection kit
  • Leukemia BCR-ABL Detection Kit



Seegene develops world's first multiplex MDx assays with it's AI system

Seegene have pioneered in using AI (artificial Intelligence) to develop Multiplexing Molecular diagnostics kits. The company utilized an artificial intelligence system with big data on pathogen and disease information as well as its self-developed algorithm that automatically produces diagnostic reagents in a significantly reduced development period.

Seegene has successfully developed molecular diagnostic assays in four days by using an artificial intelligence system.

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Other MDx Assays

  • Infectious Diseases
  • HBV Detection Kit
  • HCV Detection Kit
  • HIV Detection Kit
  • HCV Genotyping Kit
  • HSV 1&2 Detection Kit
  • Chickungunya RTPCR Kit
  • Dengue Screeening Kit
  • Malaria Screening Kit
  • Rubella RTPCR Kit
  • Cancer Screening & Detection Kits
  • JAK 2 Mutation screening kit
  • JAK 2 Mutation detection kit
  • PML RARA bcr 1 and 3 screening kit
  • BRAF Mutation screening kit
  • EGRF Mutation screening kit
  • KRAS Mutation screening kit
  • HER2 DNA amplification kit
  • ALK Fusion screening kit
  • BCR - ABL 1 screening kit
  • GMO & Food Testing Kit
  • GMO Screening - Rice
  • GMO Screening - Maize
  • GMO Screening - Soya
  • GMO Screening - Cotton
  • Pathogen Detection - E. Coli
  • Pathogen Detection - Listeria
  • Pathogen Detection - Pseudomonas
  • Pathogen Detection - Salmonella
  • VET Screening Kits
  • Species Identification (Cow / Buffalo / Peacock / Pork)
  • Sex Determination (Cow / Bullock)
...more to come