Flow Cytometry - Antibodies


BD Biosciences provides flow cytometers, reagents, tools and a wide range of services to support the work of researchers and clinicians who understand disease and improve care.

Empower your multicolor panel design with BD tools and information assembled here to help you take full advantage of the power of multicolor flow cytometry. BD's comprehensive portfolio of conjugated antibodies is designed to help characterize cells through surface, intracellular, or secreted markers.

The portfolio includes BD Horizon Brilliant™ dyes that enable resolution of cell populations previously obscured, opening new avenues of investigation using flow cytometry.

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Clinical Applications


Resources and Tools


BD Flow Reagents

  • BD FACS Flow sheath fluid
  • BD FACS Clean solution
  • BD FACS Rinse solution
  • BD FACS Shutdown solution
  • Calibration Beads and Buffers
    • BD CST beads
    • BD FACS 7 Colour Setup beads
    • BD Calibrite beads

BD Flow Cytometers

  • BD AccuriTM C6 Plus
  • BD FACS LyricTM
  • BD FACS VerseTM
  • BD FACS MelodyTM
  • BD FACS AriaTM Fusion
  • BD FACS SymphonyTM
  • BD LSRFortessaTM / X-20

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